[quote style=’1′ cite=’#’ title=’Linda – Site visitor’]Thank you!
I want you to know that you have an awesome blog and I’ve discovered a multitude of new books, authors and favorite narrators thru your posts.
Thank you for everything you do.

[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://www.rcbray.com/’ title=’R.C. Bray’]Of course I love Audiobook Reviewer because they’ve given me such great reviews!; but what I really love about them is their support of their rating. They take take the time to paint a clear picture of why they liked/disliked what they listened to and are what they say they will be: fair. As a narrator, I find their love of and commitment and dedication to audiobooks phenomenal.[/quote]

[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://curtisrsisco.com’ title=’Curtis Sisco’]…thanks for taking the time to listen to a couple of independent guys and their little book. I appreciate your review, your honesty, everything about it….Even though all business is conducted impersonally– email, Twitter, etc. Paul made sure to interact and respond to all questions personally– a real genuine conversation.[/quote]
[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://twbrown.blogspot.com/’ title=’TW Brown’][AudioBook Reviewer] made a point of reviewing my narrator (who I believe is a big key to the success of any audio book) … the site lets you go and see which books are in queue which is a bit of an advertising push all by itself even before the review comes out. I was excited to see it come up on Amazon and can’t wait to see it on audible.com as well. I am telling everybody I know about this site.[/quote]


[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://www.dynamic-ram.co.uk/’ title=’Chris Barnes Dynamic Ram Audio Productions’]The audiobook industry is growing. With growth comes wheat and chaff. Audiobookreviewer.com is the number one place I would go to in order to seperate them. The reviews are honest, informative and above all they are passionate about the medium. Dynamic Ram Audio Productions is proud to endorse audiobookreviewer.com and I’d recommend them to anyone![/quote]

[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://www.bloodsoakedandwriting.com/’ title=’James Crawford’]Receiving good reviews is excellent, as any author will tell you. Audiobookreviewer.com takes it one step further. Not only was the review focused on the material, it was enjoyable to read. I give my experience five stars! If you are looking for an honest review, without pretense, this is the place to find it.[/quote]