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Whiskers, Feathers & Fur: Veterinary Tales by Austin Donnelly

From the beginning to the end of this audiobook, Austin Donnelly (author) regales his listeners with stories of his experiences as a child and a veterinarian.  Most moms expect to find surprises in their children’s laundry but Austin Donnelly, gives a whole new perspective!  For Mrs. Donnelly, her greatest fear was of what creature might crawl from her son’s pockets.  Not one to disappoint, Austin Donnelly hilariously describes one expedition to the ocean where he brings his mother some shells only to have an octopus crawl forth and land in his mom’s lap.

A world-traveled veterinarian, Donnelly details his experiences with domestic to wild animals around the world.   Beautifully told, Donnelly reveals deep compassion for all animals and their owners with deep heartfelt love.  There is nothing ordinary about Donnelly or his work.  If you need a light listen with some quirky, yet moving short stories peppered with humor, sadness, and joy … this is the book for you!

Well written and realistic.  Donnelly builds a connection between his book and his listeners that is engaging.

Derek Carney, the narrator, performs this book with ease and delivers each story with just the right amount of emotion.  His voice flows smoothly with each story, his accent proves to be just as endearing as his ability to perform this candid and charming collection of stories.

There were no issues with the production or quality of this audiobook.

4 Star Rating – ****

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Disclaimer: The audiobook was provided free of charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher in exchange for a non-bias review.