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Extinction Darkness (The Extinction Cycle: Dark Age Book 4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony Melchiorri

Extinction Darkness (The Extinction Cycle: Dark Age Book 4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony Melchiorri is AMAZING! Beckham, Horn, Kate, and Team Ghost have fought for freedom from the monsters – both human and non-human and everything in between! The Prophet and his Scions are just one step away from annihilating the entire race of humans. That step seems to be mighty large … he must first beat Beckham, Horn, and Team Ghost. Bent on revenge, the Prophet wreaks havoc. Death comes to several characters in this last book, but they die with honor and dignity fighting for what they believe in. Will it be enough? I won’t spoil the story, but I will tell you, that I just finished the book not 15 minutes ago and I felt compelled to write this review while tears stream down my face!

As co-writers of this story, it is impossible for me to tell differences in the writing styles, they are blended so completely that the story is seamless. The characters (beloved ones and hated ones alike) are so well developed that the mention of their names will create a reaction.

The story is solidly written with nothing left to question except what comes next after all the carnage and death and … plot twists are excellently executed. The deaths are dealt with well and the new characters added to the story are impressive and the same care and attention to detail are present.

I will say that there were several times I sat in shock, not believing what I had just heard … and disliking both authors to a small degree. Their skill in storytelling is vivid and engaging. Listeners cannot help but be sucked into the story and react to the words and images they create. While I am sorry to see the series end, it finishes with a solid ending, no questions.

To Nicholas and Anthony … well done!

R.C. Bray, narrator, as always does a fantastic job narrating/performing the story. His performance just added to the emotional reactions that each listener will feel as they hear the book. He brings the book to life! Well done R.C.!

There were no issues with the production or quality of this audiobook.

5 Star Rating!

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Disclaimer: The audiobook was provided free of charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher in exchange for a non-bias review.