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The Enigma Source Book 10 from the Enigma Series by Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey

Breakfield and Burkey take topics from today’s headlines and show the terrifying side of it.  Through their magnificent storytelling abilities and their knack to take often misunderstood or unknown financial and technology-based possibilities and create a captivating tale involving the R-Group.  Combining past and present, Breakfield and Burkey creatively develop the storyline that will leave their listeners on the edge of their chairs as the R-Group attempts to foil the evildoers.

The past plays a heavy hand in this book as we see how Master Po’s unbreakable cryptocurrency code affects her life now as well as Wolfgang’s role in the establishment of the R-Group in the beginning.

Not only did this book put the fear of technology deep into my head but it left me in tears.  There were several moments that made my eyes water and my heart heavy but there were just as many moments where I pumped my fist in the air.   Comeuppance can be such a delightful thing to hear!

Derek Shoales performed the audiobook realistically and with a passion that one felt the emotional pain of Jacob, Frank and Su Lin.  Shoales has a solid voice and a talent that takes the listener further into the story.  One can visualize the characters much easier through Shoales.  I enjoy listening to him perform.

There were no issues with the publication or quality of this audiobook.

Star Rating:  * * * * *

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The Enigma Broker by Breakfield and Burkey

Another outstanding book by Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey! The R-Group is faced with puzzling out the unexplainable drops in the commodities markets which, if continued unchecked, will create chaos and havoc financially around the world. Petra and Jacob join forces once again to determine the culprit. While Petra and Jacob are busy, Breakfield and Burkey keep us on the edge of our chairs with Juan, Carlos and Quip’s adventures!

Breakfield and Burkey have built a winning team of characters that keep their readers entertained and hooked! This 8th book in the series has pushed the characters into different roles and given even more background into the growth of the R-Group and how Quip came to be a major player.

With many series, after several books the author(s) fall into a comfort zone and do not take chances in their storylines; not so for Breakfield and Burkey – they push their storyline to the max and make their listeners realize they are intense, fully committed authors with mad writing skills!

This is an audiobook (and series) that is amazing! I would not have seen myself as a “techno-thriller” listener but with this set of authors and series, I am undoubtedly hooked!

The narrator, Derek Shoales is AMAZING! He has the skill level to keep the voices consistent throughout the series and recognizable! He helps the story move along with his tone and inflection; truly a narrator virtuoso!

There were no issues with the quality of this production. The audiobook was clear and crisp.  

Highly recommend this series!

Star Rating:  *****

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