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Watcher (Book One) by AJ Eversley

Sawyer is a strong, street smart young woman who has sworn her life to protecting humans and their humanity from the evilness of a power-hungry scientist.  Everything Sawyer knew is false, everything she believed is false and everything she feels is false.  With her head spinning, she pursues her hunt of carbons and bots without mercy trying to save the innocent.

AJ Eversley built a strong world with equally strong characters and a storyline that captures the attention of her listeners.  The character development is well done, the dialog matches each character and the way they move throughout the story is realistic.  Some parts are predictable, most are not.  Eversley has a talent for throwing curveballs into her plot twists.  Although a bit dark, there are humanizing pieces that make the listener smile – Chevy (dog not the car or actor), teenage love angst and discovering oneself.  Rich in detail and vivid descriptions Eversley paints the story with words.  Although it is a story of robots taking over the world that has been done in several different ways, Eversley brings a fresh take to it.

The narrators, Chelsea Stephens and Steve Campbell, performances were well done.  I enjoyed having Campbell narrating the male thoughts and Stephens narrating the female thoughts.  It helped give more perspective to the situations, you were seeing it from two points of view.  Stephens and Campbell’s performances were excellent.  They provided a connection between the characters and listeners helping to move the story along at a good pace.

I cannot wait to see what Sawyer does, as she continues to uncover half-truths and discovers just how deep the evilness goes.

There were no issues with the production or quality of the audiobook, it was clear and crisp.


Star Rating:  * * * *

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