2 responses to “Z Children: Awakening by Eli Constant and B.V. Barr

  1. You make some good points. And this series has been a learning experience for Constant and Barr, but I do believe they have found their stride. Also, there will be more of a balance of male and female characters as the series progresses, but I do understand your critique on that aspect as well. Since this title (which was one of my first) I think I’ve become more comfortable behind the mic and I hope you will give me another shot. In any case, thank you for the very well written review.

    • Jay Magidson

      Todd, thank you for your comment. Firstly, let me say how much I respect the work and effort that goes into writing, publishing and performing an audiobook. This is no small accomplishment. Congratulations to you and the authors. Trying to get into the minds of potential listeners is a funny business, but I do my best to give an honest overview of books they might like to listen to. Narrow down the field a little. But tastes vary so much , no one can possibly generalize what one person will like and another not. Just one man’s opinion in the end. Best of success; keep creating and using your wonderful talent.

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