2 responses to “Tokyo Hearts: A Japanese Love Story by Renae Lucas-Hall

  1. Petra, I don’t normally respond to reviews but I think it’s very sad you’ve judged my book based on the fact you “do not care what other people wear or possess, and you have no interest in fashion and designers”. You have very poorly judged my book based on factors that have nothing to do with this book. Japanese people love world class designers because they understand great fashion is very important to a country’s culture. I’ve never read such a badly written review. You are obviously very prejudiced against anyone who is interested in style and fashion. I’d also like to say I’m very proud of Billie Fulford-Brown’s narration and I think she did an excellent job. I suppose you didn’t like her narration because she doesn’t have an ocker Australian drawl. I’m not being discriminating here because I was born in the land of koalas sitting lazily in trees eating eucalyptus leaves all day, completely unaware of the world around them!

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