The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery by Michele W. Miller

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The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery by Michele W. MillerThe Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery by Michele W. Miller
Narrator: Gabrielle de Cuir
Published by Self Published / Indie on 13 November 2014
Length: 10 hrs and 6 mins
Genres: Contemporary Zombie, Dystopian, Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Zombie Apocalypse
Format: Audiobook
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Eight people escape zombie-infested New York. They have only one thing in common: the addict gene. The same genetic quirk that makes alcoholics and addicts susceptible to booze and drugs gives them a mysterious ability to evade the undead. But that's not enough to unite them. They're an unlikely crew: A Botoxed Upper East Sider; a drug dealer; a resentful daughter of addicts; a recovering AA guy; a Japanese ex-dope fiend; an addicted Ivy Leaguer; and a Mexican immigrant, desperate to find her children. They dodge zombies, toxic wastelands, drugged lunatics, their personal demons and sometimes each other, only to find themselves in a cult that takes A.A. to fundamentalist extremes. They have to make a choice, one they may not survive.

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Being somewhat familiar with 12 step recovery programs, this is going to be an interesting listen. I do know what the “thirteenth step” is. For those of you that do not know it is when a person with established sobriety dates a person that is new to recovery. I have heard that it can get a bit messy. I am trying to figure out how in the world what kind of recovery Michele W. Miller is going to get into, because of the zombies and all.

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The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery was nothing that I thought it would be and also was somewhat what I thought it would be. with the zombie apocalypse starting, at least for us, in New York city made me crave giant hordes roaming the streets. Huge action scenes of a band of survivors fighting for survival. There were huge hordes, but they only stumbled by, scaring our band of misfits.

Here’s the original part. People with the disease of alcoholism and their children are immune to the zombie virus. Well maybe not totally immune, but the zombies for some reason cannot sniff out their living flesh. Not surprisingly after learning this, our band of survivors are mostly this type of person.

Escape from New York is first and foremost. Only to find a compound full of alcoholics. This is where normal people, unless they are familiar with recover programs, will start to loose some interest. Because the amount of recovery jargon used is extreme. Maybe you will find it hilarious that amidst an apocalypse people are still working the steps, having meetings and doing the deal to the best of their ability.

All in all The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery is an original zombie story that I would classify as soft. Not a lot of action or gore. Full of interesting alcoholic survivors, which makes for colorful characters. Full of personalities before survival principles.

If you have been afraid to listen to an violence filled zombie audiobook, here is your chance for a story to ease you into the genre.

Gabrielle de Cuir put everything she had into this performance. Emphasizing words and scenes to create more tension and emotion than would have been there otherwise. This is what made The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery stand out to me. Characterizations were pretty good, it is always difficult for narrators to voice the opposite sex.

Without the stellar narration of de Cuir, it is quite possible that my enjoyment level would have been way lower.

About Michele W. Miller

A former urban desperado, Michele W. Miller has settled into a “happy, joyous and free” life over the last 20 years. Married to a New York City high school chemistry teacher, mom to 11-year-old twins, and black belt in the Jaribu System of Karate, she practices law and lives in Manhattan. Her forthcoming novel, Lower Power, was named a 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Semi-Finalist.

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