Symbiosis (Impact Earth Book 1) by Timothy W. Long

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Symbiosis (Impact Earth Book 1) by Timothy W. LongSymbiosis by Timothy W. Long
Narrator: Todd Menesses
Series: Impact Earth #1
on 03 May 2016
Length: 10 hrs and 2 mins
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It was a quiet Seattle morning until the skies filled with fire: without warning, a catastrophic meteor shower caused buildings to crumble and the lights to go out. Out of the rubble, five ordinary people arose to find themselves manifesting undreamed-of abilities.

Will they be enough to do what the military cannot - stop a massive alien invasion before the entire West Coast is destroyed?

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Seattle is the epicenter for an alien invasion.  While the attack is going on five strangers will be struck by something and suddenly have the most unbelievable and unlikely powers.  They aren’t sure what happened but know that they are now capable of weird things.  What they don’t know is that they may be the only thing left to prevent the destruction of Earth.

Todd Menesses narrates Impact Earth and he has the perfect “superhero” type narrator voice.  It just feels like you are flipping the pages of a comic book or graphic novel when Menesses is behind the story.  The quality of the recording was perfect with no issues at all.

A word of warning, yes this book has some profanity to it.  That is known to happen from time to time.  And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  But as a service to others — be warned there is a lot of cursing in this book.  I chalked it up to the types of characters that Long was writing about.  They weren’t your normal 9 to 5er but more like your blue collar, un or undereducated people who are known to curse from time to time.

Superheroes aren’t my go-to genre, but I still enjoy them.  I wanted to read this book for two reasons.  One, Menesses narrated it and I love his voice, and two, I want to get more into superheroes, comics, and graphic novels.  This was a nice intro for me and I found myself enjoying it more than I originally thought I would.

The book takes on the typical “normal person turned super” but does a pretty nice job with it.  The new superheroes are as confused and unsure as you would think a person would be and they even doubt what they are doing as they are doing it.  There were a few times I found myself laughing at the situations they were in.

The details in Impact Earth were definitely there.  Long takes his time making sure that the reader knows who these people are before and after the impact.  I really like when an author can do that without making me feel like they are doing that.

Overall, a great combination of science fiction (alien invasion) and comic boon fiction (superheroes).  Long is able to write a book that is both enjoyable and felt like good was served!

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About Todd Menesses

Todd Menesses has been a voice actor for more than 20 years with his passion for voice work starting at an early age with a love for animation and impersonating famous cartoon characters and actors, which soon became an obsession studying voice, acting, improvisation, and broadcasting in college. Todd has been described as a vocal chameleon by studio producers, able to change his voice at will and on command and can easily transition from one voice to another in a script without missing a beat even in different accents and dialogs. Todd continues his training with instructors like Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, and other voice coaches and has narrated diverse audiobook genre’s from science fiction and fantasy to horror, military thrillers, and religious works.

About Timothy W. Long

Timothy W. Long has been writing tales and stories since he could hold a crayon and has also read enough books to choke a landfill. He has a fascination with all things zombies, a predilection for weird literature, and a deep-seated need to jot words on paper and thrust them at people.

Tim is the author of the horror novels Beyond the Barriers, Among the Living, and the forthcoming sequel – Among the Dead. His other works include the deserted island ‘zombedy’, The Zombie Wilson Diaries. He also co-wrote the post-apocalyptic novel Wacktards of the Apocalypse with Sir Jonathan Moon. This book was recently named the preferred version of the end of the world by a consortium of rapture survivors. True story.

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