3 responses to “Solitude (Dimension Space Series Book 1) by Dean M. Cole

  1. Josh Levine

    I would love to see the sequel narrated in a way that puts Julia and R.C. in the booth at the same time so that parts can be alternated between the two. I feel this would make the reading very unique and also flow more naturally (as opposed to alternating narration)

  2. Abner

    I understand why they would chose to have 2 narrators for this book, the idea of using the different voices to drive a wedge between the 2 perspectives, is definitely a valid one. However, it is so distracting, every time I got used to one of them doing the narration the other one would start and the adaptation to the narrator’s voice process would re-start. Once they started having to narrate dialogue from their opposite characters than, the whole thing just turned into a mess. This will also make for interesting if not pretty annoying shift of perspective once a second book narrating their new adventure together gets separated every time a different narrator starts, and if they use only one, because of the previous books precedent it will seem like only one perspective is now valid. Of course, there is a 3rd option which is having them separated again for some other crazy reason, which would seem more like a plot gimmick than anything else (I hope this is not the case).

    Apart from the comments above I did enjoy the book very much, and would love to see how the story ends.

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