Shoot the Dead by Steve Wetherell

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Shoot the Dead by Steve WetherellShoot the Dead by Steve Wetherell
Narrator: Luke Thompson
on 20 June 2016
Length: 5 hrs and 53 mins
Genres: Horror
Format: Audiobook
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For career criminals Jack and Billy Thatcher, ripping off London's most notorious gangster seems like a sure fire way to kick off their retirement plans. Unfortunately they don't bank on their bosses' underworld connections going a lot deeper than expected.

Now finding themselves on the run from undead monsters and chainsaw-wielding freaks, the Thatcher boys will have to employ every dirty trick they know if they want to live to see another dawn.

©2014 Steven Wetherell (P)2016 Steven Wetherell

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Jack and Billy Thatcher are thugs.  They’ve never known any life except crime and they’re very good at it.  When the opportunity to rip-off their wealthy crime boss arises, they take it and the millions of British pounds and dead bodies that come with it.  Now with enough money to retire to a tropical place of their dreams, they only need to get out of England and all will be cocktails and pretty girls.  Too bad their crime boss is also a necromancer and some of the men they’ve shot keep coming back to life.

The police chief is on to them too.  She smells a big take down if she can get to the Thatcher brothers and arrest their former boss too.  It is a huge case that could undo a crime syndicate that has plagued London for decades.  Since the corruption goes deep, she has to go it alone, trusting only her deputy to come along.

Much of the story is a crime a mystery with a smattering of the occult thrown in.  Jack and Billy are thoroughly enjoyable characters and the listener finds himself routing for the bad guys.  It gets plenty weird when the dead guys keep coming back to life and a bullet to the head only slows them down.  Zombies with motivation are a tough enemy.

Luke Thompson performs the story beautifully.   He does the thug voices just right.  Some of the accents don’t match the characters exactly, but that is far from a deal breaker.  He is the right voice for the job and keeps the story moving right along.

Shoot the Dead is a fun twist on zombie stories.  It is full of action and unusual characters.  Jack and Billy are the real stars, and you will want to hear how they extract themselves from impossible messes.  The story has its flaws, but is a fun ride, with a good pace that is thoroughly enjoyable.

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