Refugees (The Remaining Book 3) by D.J. Molles

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Refugees (The Remaining Book 3) by D.J. MollesRefugees by D.J. Molles
Narrator: Christian Rummel
Series: The Remaining #3
Published by Audible Studios on 27 August 2013
Length: 14 hrs and 3 mins
Genres: Horror, Military, Zombie Apocalypse
Format: Audiobook
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He has fought the fight, and run the race. But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish line. It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder. With winter looming, Lee is on the verge of establishing Camp Ryder as a hub of safety and stability in the region. But not everyone agrees with Lee’s mission... or his methods. Growing tensions between camp leadership are coming to a head, and as Lee struggles amid the dissention and controversy, new revelations about the infected threaten to destroy everything he has worked for. The Remaining: Refugees is the third book in the best-selling The Remaining series.

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Refugees (The Remaining) by D.J. Molles continues to be an excellent series.

Captain Lee Harden has fought hard and long but there is no end in sight.  Working day and night to keep Camp Ryder and its occupants safe is a full-time job and his mission.  Not only does he have to protect them from the zombies, but now he discovers there are different and even more deadly types of zombies out there just beyond the gates.  Throw in a struggle for power within the camp and a group of religious fanatics that have idealist plans to being a new religious world, and the huge red target painted on his back – well, he just never gets a break.

His friends and colleagues are also faced with difficult decisions, responsibilities and the need to protect Harden and the camp.

The characters are well developed as is the plot.  The fresh new take on the zombies is unique and exciting; with lots of battles and skirmishes of varying kinds with guns and strategies.

Molles’ definitely knows how to turn a plot twist that leaves one breathless and sputtering in shock.

The narrator, Christian Rummel does a superb job at the voices and inciting excitement when needed.  He speaks clearly and his enunciation is perfect.

The audio production of this book was fine, there were zero issues.

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About Christian Rummel

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I grew up in Pennsylvania, went to college in Pittsburgh, and then lived in New York City for a bunch of years. In 2010, I moved to L.A., where I now reside with my lovely wife, I-Ching, our hipster wonder-dog Adelaide, and our scrappy black cat Evel. I like English tea, English motorbikes, and weird English telly (Garth Marenghi, Snuff Box, Mighty Boosh, et al.).

About D.J. Molles

D.J. Molles has two published short stories, “Darkness” and “Survive,” which won a short fiction contest through Writer’s Digest. “The Remaining” and its follow up “The Remaining: Aftermath” are his first novels and have been met with overwhelming success. He lives in the southeast with his wife and daughter.

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