Paragons (Sigil Online Book 1) by Jeff Sproul

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Paragons (Sigil Online Book 1) by Jeff SproulParagons by Jeff Sproul
Narrator: Jeff Hays
Series: Sigil Online #1
Published by Self Published / Indie on 24 January 2017
Length: 9 hrs and 23 mins
Genres: LitRPG, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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Loss was nothing new to an orphan like Riley. But when the online persona he'd spent years building was ripped away by a monster with unbelievable power, everything changed.

As a gamer who made a living from Sigil Online, losing his character meant losing his job and any means he had of paying his bills.

Now, he had to start from the beginning, just like any other player joining Sigil Online for the first time. All the fame and fortune of a high-level character was gone.

Experience the harrowing quest that will leave Riley changed forever, as he's molded by the pursuit of the monster that took everything from him.

©2016 Jeff Sproul (P)2017 Jeff Sproul

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Orphaned at a young age and solely independent, Riley has one option available to him – be a gamer on Sigil Online – a computer game in which one enters a virtual reality world. Once there, one can earn enough cash to live in the real world. That is if they can survive encounters with deadly creatures and players who kill other players! Believing himself to be invincible, Riley learns what it’s like to lose in Sigil. As he reboots, he learns the value of friendship, teamwork and to pay his debts when he encounters a mysterious bug-like monster who makes playing Sigil Online a whole new experience.

I wasn’t sure I would like this book given I am not a real gamer at all. I play video games occasionally, I am familiar with the language and role-playing but I wasn’t sure. I am delighted I had the opportunity to hear this audiobook. The storyline flowed smoothly and was well developed as were the characters. Even someone like me, a small-time gamer could connect with the story and the characters without a struggle. Jeff Sproul brought to light just how a gamer evolves – how easy the path is to become a selfish, egotistical and single-minded a gamer evolves. Sproul’s dialogue was accurate as well and contributed to the steady movement of the plot, action, and suspense.

Jeff Hays, the narrator, performed the audiobook effectively by providing each character with their own personality. I enjoyed his performance as he did not have to compete with other sounds – I dislike “dramatic” performances as other things get it in the way – and this is one book that could have gone either way. I enjoyed Hays’ smooth, calm voice with just the appropriate level of emotion when needed.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction, action, and gaming.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook.

About Jeff Hays

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I’ve done a lot of media production through my life. My first true love was music. I went to a music conservatory, and after a year of air-bowing in the orchestra and still getting A’s, I dropped out. I didn’t want to learn to be a musical museum clerk, and it seems that’s what conservatories are shaping their students into. I wanted to make new music, and play on stage like my favorite rock and jazz favorites. I started an eccentric . . . eclectic . . . band. It was truly a labor of love, but eventually my band mates had more important things to do, and I sadly had to come to the realization that, so did I. I had been working for my parents managing rental property, but they ran into hard times and I could no longer count on having a job with them, let alone on taking over their business when they decide to retire. Nor did I want to. With my job as a maintenance man circling the drain, I scoured the internet for any creative way to make money. For a while I was shooting and editing wedding videos, web commercials, and MMA fights, but I wasn’t making it there. But then I found and, and I already had all the gear I needed besides a sound booth. This was only 2 years ago, but I feel like I’ve started a new life.

About Jeff Sproul

Jeff Sproul is a writer living in a small cabin in Alabama. It’s quiet, peaceful, but the bugs will eat you alive. When he’s not squishing bugs and spiders, he enjoys a frozen pizza on the weekends and 2 cups of coffee for his sanity.
Jeff has been writing stories for over ten years. Some of his favorite scifi and fantasy works are Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, Starship Troopers, Warhammer 40k and various anime (which would be far too long to list.)

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