Man of War (Rebellion Book 1) by M. R. Forbes

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Man of War (Rebellion Book 1) by M. R. ForbesMan of War by M. R. Forbes
Narrator: Jeff Hays
Series: Rebellion #1
Published by Podium Publishing on 14 June 2016
Length: 11 hrs and 8 mins
Genres: Hard Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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In the year 2280, an alien fleet attacked the Earth. Their weapons were unstoppable, their defenses unbreakable. Our technology was inferior, our militaries overwhelmed. Only one starship escaped before civilization fell.

Earth was lost. It was never forgotten.

Fifty-two years have passed. A message from home has been received. The time to fight for what is ours has come.

Welcome to the rebellion.

©2016 M. R. Forbes (P)2016 Podium Publishing

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It is a half-century after the Earth is in ruins from an alien invasion.  Only a handful of humans remain, trying to stay alive and communicate with their counterparts on the one remaining hidden spaceship.  The aliens have shields that have never been penetrated, unknown origins or motivations.  Now they have decided to methodically exterminate the last few humans from Earth.

But it’s not over until it’s over.  Luck and an accidental discovery allow the humans one last desperate attempt to fight back.  Now, a daring attempt from an ace pilot and a few brave resistance fighters on Earth are all that stand between total extinction and taking back humanity’s home.

This action based Sci-Fi thriller is full of ordinary heroes against overwhelming odds.  Little is told about the aliens until late in the novel.  It gives the listener the feeling of desperation that the survivors would feel.  What possible hope could they have, after all?  And it is very effective.  The characters are believable and we easily empathize with them.  It is also interesting that two generations have gone by since the invasion with few living witnesses to the original apocalypse.  Many survivors simply want to hide and live as best they can in the ruins.  Only when that option is removed do they have to join in the fight.

Jeff Hays provides an exceptional performance, exuding the overwhelming foreboding and desperation in his voice that the characters would feel.  His accents and characterizations are excellent and the listener is swept up in the story.  It would be difficult to imagine a better match for the novel.

Alien invasion, desperate humans, star-ships, cool weapons, exciting fight scenes and flawed heroes all combine into an extremely entertaining novel.  It is clearly the first in a series of unknown length and will have the listener looking forward to the sequels.  Highly recommended.

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