2 responses to “Lucifer’s Children by Brett Williams

  1. Ashley Kendall

    Oh god. That sounds not like my cup of tea at all. Sounds like a very odd book…when there are sex scenes in the book I like them to make sense to the overall plot or at least connect in some way to the characters haha.

  2. Thanks for writing Ashley,
    If was difficult to write the review for this book. I know the effort it takes to create a book and what goes into getting an audiobook produced. I respect that process and the authors that pursue it. I see my roll at audiobookreviewer, not as a critic, but as a guide to help others decide what may or may not be appropriate for their taste. “Lucifer’s Children” seemed to cross a line in my opinion due to its graphic nature, not as necessary for the plot, but more as a vehicle to shock or offend the listener. As always, I advise listeners to check out the sample and decide for themselves. Happy listening!

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