8 responses to “Home Economics for Girls or Tabitha Tickham and the Cake Crisis by JP Wright

    • Aww, to be 12 again and be able to spin without getting a headache! I did not find an age group for this. Did you write it for early to mid teens? My niece is nine but I think she’s mature enough to enjoy this!

      • JP Wright

        9 is fine if mum has no problem answering questions about sexuality. One aim in having the three ladies in there was to provide something different for tweens, mid-teens and their mothers. Pick a team 😉

  1. Remember an auntie’s job is to stir up trouble.
    My nearly 9-yr old wants a physical copy, so I am getting that done. If your niece prefers books real over audio or e, I am sure we can work out how to gift her a copy.
    I am 1/4 way into the next one. Plan to spend 6 fewer years editing and polishing – so maybe out for christmas. facebook.com/tabithatickham will no doubt bear the good tidings when it arrives.

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