Featured: Summer of 68 by Kevin Millikin

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About Rick Gregory

Rick Gregory is a man that has had a passion for audiobooks for many years. He finally decided to take his involvement in the industry to the next level. He is a huge fan of horror, especially the psychological or extreme sub-genres. He also finds science fiction immensely enjoyable.

About Kevin Millikin

Kevin Millikin is a horror novelist living in Washington State. A native of Northern California, he now calls the Pacific Northwest home, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is the author of “Summer of 68” (Severed Press), “The Death Car,” “Trickery of a Corpse,” and most recent: “The Long Goodbye.”

Upcoming work includes: “The Fall of 78,” “Tropical Imports,” “Black-Eyed Children,” and “Post-Traumatic.”

About Paul (Audiobook Reviewer)

Paul is a quiet man who shares his passion of books through reviews assisting others select books through honest and professional reviews. Having built a team of professional reviewers, Audiobookreviewer (ABR) is the result of his passion of reading/listening of books. His family consists of a wife, 2 cats, and 2 African Grey parrots (https://www.facebook.com/tuckertheafricangrey). More frequently than not, you will see Paul plugged into the audio of his technology listening to books while riding his bike 100+ miles, tending to a huge fruit and vegetable garden, growing bonsai trees and operating his own largest online bonsai magazine (http://ofbonsai.org).

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