Dusty’s Diary by Bobby Adair

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Dusty’s Diary by Bobby AdairDusty's Diary by Bobby Adair
Narrator: Ray Porter
Published by Podium Publishing on 19 June 2018
Length: 7 hrs and 44 mins
Genres: Humor, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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It was a fungus spore that finally did it, knocking humans off the top of the food chain, with a lot of help from a pharma company too busy thinking about oversized profits rather than subpar outcomes. Most folks died, if not from the fungus, then from the riots and starvation that came when the grocery store shelves emptied and the spigots ran dry. Plenty of other folks lived on with the fungus growing in their bones, rooting in their brains, and turning them three-quarters crazy.

That’s when I moved underground and sealed the hatch shut on my backyard bunker. I was safe, with all the food, water, and entertainment I needed for five or six years. I had DVDs to watch, music to listen to, and books to read. Prepping had paid off for me.

At least it seemed so at first.

After a time, my radio stopped picking up signals from the world up top and for all I knew I was the last man alive on Earth. I’d planned for that possibility, yet never truly accepted things could turn out that way. The loneliness set in, gnawing at me and making me think crazy thoughts, including one that would change everything. Two years on, I opened the hatch and climbed out of my bunker.

I had to see if anyone but me was left.

©2015 Bobby Adair (P)2018 Podium Publishing

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Dusty is a cantankerous old(ish) man who has spent the past two years living in his underground bunker after the world was taken over by fungus headed zombies. He hasn’t seen another human being in that time so he’s started writing a diary, partly to chronicle how the world reached this point and partly because he’s lonely and bored.

He writes about the direct events that led up to the zombies but also about how the world was in general before that point. The book is inadvertently political, discussing classism (Dusty is working class and as such has the very best rants about capitalism) and how differing political views feel now the world has ended.

There’s not a lot of action in this book, being mostly the musings of a grumpy hermit rather than an adrenalin-fuelled rager zombie romp, but there’s enough to keep the story flowing and your interest piqued. Dusty has to leave his bunker or risk losing his mind to the loneliness, his diary entries chronicle what he finds and how he survives outside.

Dusty has a very dark sense of humour and conveys his emotions in a typical man-of-a-certain-age way (by pretending he doesn’t have any), this is brilliantly narrated by Ray Porter who manages to make the main character likable and quirky rather than depressing (I feel like that would have been far too easy to do, with all the complaining he does). His voice and pacing fits perfectly and held my attention right until the end.

There’s even a bonus half-hour author interview at the end of this audiobook, where Bobby Adair and his editor/wife discuss how this book came to be. I really enjoyed the format of the interview, the author is apparently very shy and became a lot chattier as the interview went on and their personalities bounced off each other – it was a fun way to learn more about the writing and editing process and made me want to read some more of the author’s work.

This is a thoughtful and entertaining zombie novella which was excellently narrated, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

About Ray Porter

Read the ABR Interview

I grew up in a small town in Indiana, got my B.F.A. in acting from CalArts and in 1990 went to work for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

I told my L.A. friends I’d be back in six months after I did “this theatre job”. I moved back to L.A. in 2008.

In the off seasons at OSF I would come to L.A. to do TV and Films. I started narrating at Blackstone Audio in 2007/2008. Since then I have been narrating for various audiobook publishers and love it.

My amazing wife is a costume designer for movies (I can’t tell you anything about her current project as assistant designer but Batman and Superman look great)and a six year old son who is brilliant (he’s doing his tutoring homework here at the table next to me and I needed to say that).

About Bobby Adair

Sometimes the staring lead to daydreaming, and sometimes, through no effort of my own, the daydreams turned into temporally rambling yarns. And then, when the caffeine flow hit a mysteriously optimal level—right before the headaches and jitters kick in—motivation materialized out of the ether and my fingers got all clickety-clack on the nearest computer keyboard. Then before I knew it, a novel was splattered all over my word processing software.

At that point, I would always ask, who am I to let my own lack of motivation keep that which the caffeine gods have bestowed upon me away from the righteously deserving readers of eBooks? The answer was always something like, “nobody.” So, I would go to the store, purchase more gallons of sugary caffeine-laden liquids, and trudge through the effort organizing and editing all of those nearly psychotic babblings into coherent stories. Yeah, I know, you’re probably asking, how can one man be forced to suffer so much beneath the tempestuous whims of the wicked muses of pseudo literature? Well, that question is beyond the metaphysical aptitudes of we mere mortals to understand. So, I simply accept the burden that a productively sedentary life has placed on me and I produce tremendously actual works of fiction.

In closing, tempered by the degree to which you may feel gratitude, I say, “you’re welcome, world!”

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