Democracy’s Right (Democracy’s Right Book 1) by Christopher G. Nuttall

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Democracy’s Right (Democracy’s Right Book 1) by Christopher G. NuttallDemocracy's Right by Christopher G. Nuttall
Narrator: Johnny Heller
Series: Democracy's Right #1
Published by Podium Publishing on 02 May 2017
Length: 15 hrs and 36 mins
Genres: Hard Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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The Empire

A tyranny stretching over thousands of worlds. The grand dreams of the founders are a joke. The Thousand Families, the rulers of the Empire, care nothing for anything save their own power. From the undercity of Earth to the new colonies at the Rim, discontent, anger, and rebellion seethe, but there is no hope of breaking the power of the Empire and freeing the trillions of enslaved humans and aliens.

The Rebel

Commander Colin Walker believed in the Empire until a treacherous superior officer betrayed him, forcing him to see the true nature of the force he served and his compliancy in terrible crimes. Now Colin has a plan: He and his followers in the Imperial Navy will seize their ships and rebel against the Thousand Families, uniting the thousands of rebel factions under his leadership. Their war will set the galaxy on fire.

©2013 Christopher G. Nuttall (P)2017 Podium Publishing

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The galaxy is tightly controlled by the thousand families, an ultra-wealthy ruling class that only cares for more power and money.  The many colonized worlds represent little more than resources and additional wealth and power.  If an occupied world becomes more trouble than they’re worth, the ruling families will crush it with their overwhelming military might, wiping out all life if necessary.

Commander Colin Walker and a handful of military leaders have had enough, vowing to bring democracy to the galaxy.  If they fail, their treason can only be met with execution.  On the other hand, if they succeed, the economic system everyone depends on could devolve into chaos, driving trillions into poverty and desperation.

Democracy’s Right is a political, sci-fi novel with a military action base.  It is exciting and thought provoking with a taste of ancient Rome in its theme.  How does a ruling class control its empire from far away with long delays in communication and travel?  The heroes are likable and the bad guys are hateful, the listener has no trouble choosing sides.

There is plenty of action to satisfy most military and sci-fi fans and a political economic background to make the struggle feel realistic.  The characters are believable with enough human flaws to make them relatable.  Definitely worth a listen.

The story is performed by Johnny Heller.  His distinctive voice is easy on the ears and creates the proper mood of the novel.  The characters are easily discernible and feel appropriate to their personalities.  An excellent performance from a talented voice actor.

Democracy’s Right would definitely fit in the space opera category, with book one setting the stage for a much larger universe.  The book finishes neatly but will have you looking forward to book two and beyond.  A highly enjoyable listen that is recommended for space and military sci-fi fans.

About Johnny Heller

Johnny Heller is an award winning actor and teacher with over 25 years of experience in the industry in voice over, stage, television and stand up comedy. He has narrated nearly 500 titles for adults, young adults and children – working in almost every genre. Heller is a 2005 and 2009 Audie Award Winner, a 2014 Nominee for Best Male Narrator, a double nominee in 2012 and was named a Best Voice of 2008 – 2011, 2014 and a Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award Winner 2008-2013. A winner of over 20 Earphone Awards, Audiofile Magazine named Heller one of the top 50 voices of the 20th Century

About Christopher G. Nuttall

Christopher Nuttall has been planning sci-fi books since he learned to read. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Chris created an alternate history website and eventually graduated to writing full-sized novels. Studying history independently allowed him to develop worlds that hung together and provided a base for storytelling. After graduating from university, Chris started writing full-time. As an indie author, he has published eighteen novels and one novella (so far) through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Professionally, he has published The Royal Sorceress, Bookworm, A Life Less Ordinary, Sufficiently Advanced Technology, The Royal Sorceress II: The Great Game and Bookworm II: The Very Ugly Duckling with Elsewhen Press, and Schooled in Magic through Twilight Times Books.

As a matter of principle, all of Chris’s self-published Kindle books are DRM-free.

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