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Anywhere But Here by Edward J. McFadden III
Narrator: Jack deGolia
Published by Self Published / Indie on 2013
Length: 1 hr and 57 mins
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Rating Report
Story (Plot)
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Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

What would you do if your son and his dog disappeared into a rip in space-time? Would you risk everything and follow? One father did. Join Willie in his race across time and space to save his son. Along the way he finds he may be the only one who can also save the universe. The only things standing in his way are the causality cops, a hoard of zombies, a cosmic junkyard, Blue Heaven, and the Intron.

The fabric that holds reality together is able to tear apart, destroy the very sequence of time. If one desperate father can't stop it, all that ever was or will be shall be lost. Willie quickly finds himself wishing he was anywhere but here.

©2013 Edward J. McFadden III (P)2013 Padwolf Publishing Inc. and Edward J. McFadden

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I find novellas a lot of fun as they do not require a large time commitment from me and are usually fast paces as they have to get to the point quickly. And I have found that singular short stories are a great way to explore new authors and narrators without the feeling of wasting time on something that wasn’t that good or wetting my appetite for more from them. I have been bombarded as of late with novella audiobooks and will be listening to them whenever time allows.

Anywhere But Here was a very fast paced quick listen that could have been expanded upon to fill 300-400 pages or 8 or more hours. It is a tale of the love that a father feels for his family and especially his son, and what the father is willing to do for them. With almost every imaginable science fiction element including but not limited to zombies, time travel, superior alien beings. You would think with all of that going on that this would feel cramped, but it didn’t there was the overall time travel theme with snippets of everything else. After listening to Anywhere But Here I am intrigued to find more from Edward J. McFadden III as he seems to have a handle on how to develop interesting relatable characters that get into compromising and fun, for the listener, situations.

Another great experience with a new, to me, narrator. You could tell that every minute Jack de Golia was giving it is all, to bring forward something that not only he could be proud of. Good definition of characters and all of the well timed pauses and outbursts that I have come to expect from the greats in the field. My initial thought was that de Golia was going to be too soft-spoken, but that was only for an instant as he satisfied my ears with good old fashioned story telling.

About Edward J. McFadden III

Edward J. McFadden III juggles a full-time career as a university administrator and teacher, with his writing aspirations. His thriller/mystery novel The Black Death of Babylon will be released this fall from Post Mortem Press. His story “Starwisps” appears in the Fantastic Stories anthology edited by Warren Lapine. He is the author/editor of six published books: Jigsaw Nation, Deconstructing Tolkien: A Fundamental Analysis of The Lord of the Rings, Time Capsule, The Second Coming, Thoughts of Christmas, and The Best of Pirate Writings. He has had more than 50 short stories published in places like Hear Them Roar, CrimeSpree Magazine,Terminal Fright, Cyber-Psycho’s AOD, The And, and The Arizona Literary Review. During the 90’s he was editor/publisher of the semi-prozine Pirate Writings, which later became Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. Ed also briefly edited Cosmic Speculative Fiction. (Secret: See the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction for Ed’s full editing history.) He lives on Long Island with his wife Dawn, their daughter Samantha, and their mutt Oli.

About Paul (Audiobook Reviewer)

Paul is a quiet man who shares his passion of books through reviews assisting others select books through honest and professional reviews. Having built a team of professional reviewers, Audiobookreviewer (ABR) is the result of his passion of reading/listening of books. His family consists of a wife, 2 cats, and 2 African Grey parrots ( More frequently than not, you will see Paul plugged into the audio of his technology listening to books while riding his bike 100+ miles, tending to a huge fruit and vegetable garden, growing bonsai trees and operating his own largest online bonsai magazine (

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