A Wizard’s Soul (Sentinels of Creation Book 3) by Robert W. Ross

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A Wizard’s Soul (Sentinels of Creation Book 3) by Robert W. Ross ABR Reviewer's Choice Award Winner
Sentinels of Creation: A Wizard's Soul by Robert W. Ross
Narrator: Nick Podehl
Series: Sentinels of Creation #3
Published by Self Published / Indie on 19 March 2018
Length: 10 hours and 54 minutes
Genres: Urban Fantasy
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Kellan Thorne loves the Christmas season above all else. He plans a well-deserved rest consisting of parties with friends and watching Christmas classics with Shannon. The Sentinel definitely wants to avoid anything more supernatural than the spirits seen by Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge. However, fate has different plans for Kellan and his Soulborn who find themselves swept up with gods, goddesses, and mantles of immense power.

As the eternal battle between order and chaos continues to play out, Kellan quickly finds himself at odds with forces beyond both his understanding and ability to control. Lucifer weaves new webs of intrigue with which he seeks to entrap both Meghan and Juliet and pits Maurius against Kellan at every turn.

New and familiar allies put their lives on the line as an enigmatic Druid from Kellan's past promises the Sentinel power sufficient to make both the mountains of heaven and caverns of hell quake with fear. Such tremendous strength comes at a price which Kellan and Shannon must decide if they are willing to pay. To safeguard all those he holds dear, Kellan must breach a celestial treasury sealed shut at the dawn of creation and pull forth a wizard's soul.

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Kellan Thorne continues his quest as the Sentinel of Order kicking ass and taking names.  His learning is only hampered by his eidetic mind that holds not only everything he knows/heard/read and experienced but by mass amounts of pop culture references which makes it hard for him to concentrate at times.  Along with his cast of friends and the Christmas season – you know it’s going to be awesome when White Christmas, Grinch, and Elf movies are competing against saving Michael and his “girlfriend angel”, Merlin, and seeing the birth of Thor and so much more.

Robert Ross has an amazing mind as he captures his audiences’ imagination and attention. Throughout the series and more so in this book he’s juggling a host of characters which he so easily mixes them together to create action yet allows them their own space/individuality and we get this delightful masterpiece!  Full of action, suspense, and twists!

I am delighted there are more audiobooks to the series forthcoming because the time traveling, character creations and just Kellan’s ability to get into trouble makes this a powerfully awesome series.  This third book is by far the best but only because the foundation has been laid and character development was done in the first two books, now Ross gets to have fun and fun he did with the most amazing storyline yet.

The narrator, Nick Podehl is amazing.  He has taken on the “mantle” of Kellan and delivers a narration that is amazing!  He can even sing – as a female!  I enjoy hearing Podehl’s talented voice as he brings not only Kellan but Aries, Meghan, Shannon, Juliet, Michael, Satan and more to life.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys pop culture, adventure, suspense, and fun – lots of fun!  Don’t let the epic length of this audiobook be daunting – trust me, it passes quickly and one can only lose oneself in the story.  One has a very hard time shutting it off for other things like eating, hanging out with your kids or parents, or holding a meeting.  So beware!  You will be hooked from the first minute.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook.  It was clear and well done.

About Robert W. Ross

Robert W. Ross has spent the last twenty-five years spinning stories and user journeys into web, mobile, and social experiences for brands ranging from the obscure to the iconic.

He has both a passion for pop culture and a deep loathing to discuss himself in the third person. However, his wife convinced him that anyone who took the time to listen to his stories might want to know a little about the person who wrote them. To that end, Robert’s influences include authors such as Robert A. Heinlein, Philip Jose Farmer, and Brandon Sanderson. He has a deep and abiding love for all things Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Sponge Bob. While Robert can often make obscure TV, Book, and Movie references, he sadly lacks Kellan’s eidetic memory. He is also quite sure the brain space taken up by all that trivia is directly responsible for his lacking any sense of direction.

Sentinels of Creation has a broad arc that, as currently conceived, will span seven novels. Book Three: A Wizard’s Soul was published in spring of 2018 and Book Four: A Burden of Chaos is scheduled for early 2019. As can be seen throughout the Sentinel’s series, Robert has great appreciation for strong female characters who hold their own, have well formed thoughts, motivations, and are never relegated simple plot devices.  Given that, he is also considering one or two stand-alone novels that would feature supporting characters from the main story arc.  This is in response to a number of fans who have requested more details on both Shannon and Meghan.

Robert lives in Atlanta with his wife of over twenty years, their kids, a Siberian Husky, and about 11 different Apple products.

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