Charla White: Owner of Audiobookreviewer and WordsAPlenty.  Mother of 2, grandmother of 7; love to read and listen to books; published writer. Program officer and Controller professionally. I also do editing, reviewing and ghostwriting. Highly eclectic in my reading but favorite genres are horror and cozy mysteries.

I have 30+ years of editing experience within the worlds of academia and business. My degrees are a B.A. in English with a Master’s in Education. My passion is experiencing the art of storytelling through books and audiobooks.

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Rox Burkey loves to read and listen to stories across most genres. Her favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and thriller. She a customer experience professional, is a published author and award-winning coauthor of The Enigma Series. 

Rox has 30+ years of experience is academia, business, and writing. Her degrees include a B.A. in Information Systems, with a Masters in Information Systems/Business. Her passion is storytelling with short stories, novels, and audiobooks. She has her own Book Review blog