Review User Submission Policy

Now you can submit your audiobook reviews for inclusion on!!

This does not mean that you are on the ABR team, however, your reviews will be included in all of our indexes.

You Must

  • Create an account on this site
  • Tell us where you got the audiobook, whether it be the author, narrator, publisher or if you purchased it and from where. This is the law!
  • Tell us if this review has appeared anywhere else before ABR
  • You review must be at least 400 words
  • Include information about both the plot, narration and mention the narrator.
  • Listen to the audiobook at standard speed.
  • ABR reserves the right to not publish and/or edit your review for clarity
  • Only the original author of the review is allowed to post a review to ABR

If this sounds good to you, use this form to submit your review

We won’t add “reviews” with such little content that they are not helpful. In general, your review should be at least 400 words (exclusive of the blurb, if you use it) and discuss the content, narration, and production of the title. For audiobook reviews, the performance matters. Our readers want enough information to make informed listening decisions and we’re committed to helping them do that.

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