Promotional Opportunities

ABR tries to update, expand, and shrink our promotional opportunities based on what we are told authors, narrators and publishers want. So if we do not offer something you are looking for, please let us know and we will we what we can do.

“I’ve used to help get the word out for my last three novels, and the bottom line: they provide honest, insightful reviews that help me sell books. They post the reviews EVERYWHERE, too – Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, iTunes, Facebook, LibraryThing, you name it – and of course on their website. And because they’re proactive about getting followers and upvotes, AudiobookReviewer reviews are consistently ranked high on my Amazon/Audible/Goodreads book details pages. For my latest release, Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!, I purchased an expedited review, and it was worth every penny. It came out about a week after my book launch, just when potential readers/listeners are looking for the “okay” from a reputable source. It was literally the first thing I did when I launched my audiobook, and it’ll be the first thing I do next time, too.”

— Rob Dircks, author and narrator of Where the Hell is Tesla?, The Wrong Unit, and Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! (Where the Hell is Tesla? Book 2)

Thanks to the terrific, balanced review for WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM received from The Audiobook Reviewer, the sales of the audiobook have skyrocketed since the first day the review was posted on the site. Really appreciated the exposure for this science fiction audiobook! I’ll definitely be submitting more audiobooks for review in the future. Can’t say enough positive things about this experience.
Author Veronica Scott

Whenever I have a new audiobook release, I try to get it in the review queue at – people are picky when it comes to their entertainment, and a good, honest review from a trusted source like ABR goes a LONG way. Taking advantage of ABR’s upgrades to expedite that process is my little “inside secret”!
James Foster

I’ve used ABR’s Expedited Review service as well as the Featured Post promotion. Paul[and his team] is an unbiased professional dedicated to helping independent authors and narrators market their work. I highly recommend his upgrade services!
Julia Knippen

Expedited Reviews

If you are interested in a paid expedited review, the review will still be honest, all you are paying for is speed. Purchasing this option will get your review published with a maximum turnaround time of 2 weeks (14 days) for books that are 15 hrs or shorter, a longer book will take 3 weeks (21 days), from submission. Please tell me the title of the book you wish to feature in the notes portion of the purchasing screen. And please submit it for review using our submission form.

Audiobook of the Week

Very simple. Your audiobook’s cover, 300×300 image, linking to the audiobook on amazon, audible, or where ever. This will sit at the top of the sidebar on all interior pages. .

Featured Audiobook

Featured Post
A “Featured” post can and will be published as soon as possible, usually within days of submission. This does not require ABR to review he audiobook. You can request a specific publishing date, except Tuesdays and weekends. It will contain purchase links from Auible and Amazon, goodreads link, synopsis and author/narrator bio. If ABR is reviewing this title, once the review is published this listing will link to the review. Featured listings will cycle through the home page, be featured in the sidebar of other pages, and remain in the featured category forever. This can be done on any audiobook at any time, regardless if ABR is reviewing it or not, and can be done more than once on the same book. For examples see this page.

Featured Series Post
This is exactly the same as the the “Featured Audiobook Post” except it is for a series of audiobooks. Links to each book in the series along with synopsis. Here is an example.

New Release Promotion

Featured New Release
This will get your audiobook featured within ABR’s weekly Tuesday New Release Post. The audiobook must have been published in the last month or two. Use your best judgement if it still considered a new release or not.