Narrator: Roberto Scarlato

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Voice Range: Adolescent to Elderly
Accents: Italian
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Hard-boiled, Detective, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Fluent Languages: English
Awards: Soon.

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Scarlato grew up in a small suburb of Chicago. He has a deep, rich voice that is easily manipulated for multiple characters. He is married to his high school sweetheart. They have a three year old daughter.

How on earth did you get into narrating audiobooks?
Well, here’s the story. I’ve held many different jobs before I got into this profession. I was a video clerk, a customer service rep, a maintenance man, worked an assembly line, construction and a machine operator…and I completely ignored the people who constantly told me I need to “do something with my voice.”

I got married and then our daughter arrived and I wanted to do something more with my life. I’m an avid reader and wanted to try my hand at breathing life into stories. So, after 15 straight years of ignoring people’s advice, I signed up for ACX in June of 2014 and started auditioning. Since then, I’ve narrated 64 titles.

What do you do when you are not narrating?:
Read, read, read. Always. I’ve read something like 600 books. Before I got the kindle, I always brought a book with me if I was going on a drive somewhere. My trunk was a mobile library for a while. I just never wanted to be without a book.

Many audiobook narrators do other voice over work, where else could we hear your work? Do you find there to any big hurdles to jump when going from audiobooks to something else or vise versa?:
You can find me on Fiverr. I do short gigs on there. I think my longest one was 20 minutes. No, I haven’t encountered any major hurdles—yet.

Do you have the luxury of picking and choosing the projects that you work on or do you take as many as you have time for?:
When I first got started, I wanted to build up my repertoire, so I took whatever I could get. Now I can be more picky and even have repeat clients. But I’m still always on the hunt for more work.

For those of us that are unfamiliar with your work. How would you describe your narration style and voice? What would the one audiobook you would suggest for people to listen to your best work?:
I would describe it as engaging. I like to put emotion in not only the dialogue but the descriptions too. I also do an excellent old-timey gangster sound. I think the best title for that would be Tales of The Bagman. It’s a crime fiction set in 1930’s Chicago.

As a narrator, do you get compensated in a set amount or do you also receive royalties from the individual sales? Do you like one more than the other? Has there ever been an per finished hour book that you wish was a royalty deal, what book? Or vise versa?:
40 percent of the books I take on are PFH. The rest are royalty shares. I love PFH but the royalties from The Euphoria Z series have really surprised me. I wasn’t much of a zombie fan but I wasn’t a hater either. This title has a very strong hook and a diverse group of characters, which made it challenging but fun.

What do you see as your greatest achievement as an audiobook narrator? What has been your most difficult moment?:
My greatest moment has also been my most difficult. I was asked to do an audition for a title which required me to speak French, Irish and Creole. I wanted to chicken out but the author was insistent. I’m glad he was so adamant about choosing me. Failed Moments is a title I’m really proud of. He coached me through the languages and we didn’t stop until the book was perfect. Highly recommend it.

What is the first book you remember reading on your own? What do you remember most about the experience?:
First book I ever read on my own was Hatchet by Gary Paulson. Tough title to get through. It dealt with survival, which fascinated me, but it was almost like being trapped with Brian in the woods, with no way to get out.

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