Narrator: Ray Chase

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Narrator: Ray Chase

Tell us a little about yourself.

From Las Vegas – went on to narrate over 120 audiobooks in 2.5 years, and is the owner of Funsplosion – YouTube’s comedy hub.

How on earth did you get into narrating audiobooks?

When I was a kid – I’d read books like Goosebumps out loud in the car to my mom and sister! When I got old enough to do it for real, I was ready.

What do you do when you are not narrating?

I’m constantly vlogging on my channel!

Many audiobook narrators do other voice over work, where else could we hear your work? Do you find there to any big hurdles to jump when going from audiobooks to something else or vise versa?

I’ve been the voice of Coke Zero for a few years now, and I’m also in some cartoons and video games. I also do TV promos! You can check out some of those at

Do you have the luxury of picking and choosing the projects that you work on or do you take as many as you have time for?

With the output that I’ve been doing the past couple of years, I’ve definitely taken on almost everything that’s been thrown at me. Lately I’ve been getting into the profit sharing business through ACX and exploring what that can entail.

For those of us that are unfamiliar with your work. How would you describe your narration style and voice? What would the one audiobook you would suggest for people to listen to your best work?

I definitely use two voices – one older, deeper one for sci-fi and mysteries, and my normal higher voice for everything else. The older voice has been described by naysayers as ‘way too serious’.

My best audiobook performance in my opinion is Prepare to Die! I was literally crying at the end of that one. Took me awhile to finish.

Do you ever get specific notes or ideas from the writer about how something should be read? What is a helpful note, and what is, shall we say, less helpful?

The guys at Self-Publishing Podcast Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright, all send me a really cool cast list that’s based on Hollywood actors. That really helps me to get an idea of the physicality of the character so I can make an informed voicing decision.

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What has been your favorite character? What character has given you the most grief?

Boricio from Yesterday’s Gone has been nothing but a roller coaster – love love love talking like that beer-battered guy.

How do you stop yourself from laughing or crying at some of the things authors write?

I definitely don’t stop myself. I’ll take a break until I get through it!

Do you have any advice for other aspiring narrators?

When you’re starting out, you HAVE to make sacrifices. It’s not an easy thing to break into, and making a home studio will be really uncomfortable and difficult at first. Do whatever you can to make it work no matter what. Otherwise you start to diminish your chances of success. When I first started out, I narrated in my car in the mountains every night from midnight to 6 am to avoid airplane traffic and noise!

I have heard that many in the industry dislike the term narrator. What do you prefer and why?

Nah I’m cool with that term!

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From Las Vegas – went on to narrate over 120 audiobooks in 2.5 years, and is the owner of Funsplosion – YouTube’s comedy hub.

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