Featured: Threatened Waters by Kevin Land Patrick

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About Kevin Land Patrick

Kevin Patrick is a nationally recognized water attorney who has represented many of the nation’s most prominent companies, people and water providers. He has appeared in state and federal appellate courts including the US Supreme Court and has spoken on water issues throughout the United States, Europe and South America. He has a unique understanding of the importance and fragility of water and infrastructure which he weaves into his first novels, Threatened Waters (http://amzn.to/2c1XgMv) and Unholy Alliances (http://amzn.to/2cQOaqK). He is currently working on his third novel which will be published in 2017. He was also a contributing author of Beyond the Fracking Wars published by the ABA, and a contributing author of International Project Finance published Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. He lives outside Aspen, Colorado.

About Paul (Audiobook Reviewer)

Paul is a quiet man who shares his passion of books through reviews assisting others select books through honest and professional reviews. Having built a team of professional reviewers, Audiobookreviewer (ABR) is the result of his passion of reading/listening of books. His family consists of a wife, 2 cats, and 2 African Grey parrots (https://www.facebook.com/tuckertheafricangrey). More frequently than not, you will see Paul plugged into the audio of his technology listening to books while riding his bike 100+ miles, tending to a huge fruit and vegetable garden, growing bonsai trees and operating his own largest online bonsai magazine (http://ofbonsai.org).

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