2015 New Release Challenge

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2015 New Release Challenge

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Audiobooks I (Paul) have Listened to for challenge:

  1. The Path by Peter Riva
  2. Occult .45: Four Tales of Gunrunning in the Weird West, Volume 4 by Nick Carcano
  3. Firefight by Brandon Sanderson
  4. Hellhole by Gina Damico
  5. The Synchronicity War by Dietmar Wehr
  6. Zombie Rules by David Achord
  7. Wrath by Chris Philbrook
  8. Asylum by Shana Festa
  9. The Breadwinner by Stevie Kopas
  10. The Synchronicity War by Dietmar Wehr
  11. SickER: A novel of extreme sex and horror by Matt Shaw
  12. Like Part of the Family by Jonathan Maberry
  13. In the Arms of Family by Chris Philbrook
  14. The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig
  15. sickEST Bastards by Matt Shaw
  16. Predator One by Jonathan Maberry
  17. The Synchronicity War Part 3 by Dietmar Wehr
  18. The Synchronicity War by Dietmar Wehr
  19. The Hunt Chronicles: Awakening by J.D. Demers
  20. The Fold by Peter Clines
  21. Energize by Thomas R. Manning
  22. The Seventh Sons by Domino Finn
  23. The Blood of Brothers by Domino Finn
  24. Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code by William Massa
  25. Armada: A Novel by Ernest Cline
  26. Occult Assassin #2: Apocalypse Soldier by William Massa
  27. Banshee by Terry Maggert
  28. The Mountain Man Omnibus by Keith C. Blackmore
  29. The Trinity by Chris Philbrook
  30. Don't Read: A Novel of Extreme Horror, Sex and Gore by Matt Shaw
  31. Cassie by Chris Philbrook
  32. Shoebox by Michael Bray
  33. The Camera: Bloodthirst by Eric A. Shelman
  34. TED: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY by Matt Shaw
  35. Bones & All: A Novel by Camille DeAngelis
  36. Spirit Breaker by William Massa
  37. Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken
  38. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi? by Adam Gidwitz
  39. GodBomb! by Kit Power
  40. Blood Moon by Graeme Reynolds
  41. AlterWorld by D. Rus

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