Become an ABR Reviewer

Application Instructions

After you click the “Submit” button an email will be sent to you with information on how to get started. Upon receipt of this form, your information will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

It is expected that reviewers will remain in contact with ABR and reply in a timely fashion to emails. Please only apply if you are interested. All applicants will be given the opportunity to become a member of the team and your application is to be assumed that you are ready to select a book and get started (or have a start date in mind. I understand that real life may delay things, just be sure to keep communication open).

Brief FAQ

How long do my reviews for ABR have to be?
Reviews should be 400+ words or more and you must talk about the plot, narration and audio production. Reviews must be meaningful and be without spoilers.

What am I committing to if I join the team?
It is expected that each team member review at least 2 audiobooks per calendar month. Unless you have a really good excuse you will be removed from the site if you cannot keep this commitment. Yes, you can do more, but at least 2 reviews must be submitted.

Can I DNF a book submitted to ABR?
Short answer, yes. Long answer: I hate finishing a book that I did not get into either, but I do. I just talk about what I liked and didn’t like and give it a rating that stands up to what I said. We are not going to like every book.

Can I post my reviews on my own blog?
Yes, you can post the review to other blogs as you feel so inclined. For all books originating from ABR’s queue, please be sure to add a disclaimer that the review was originally posted at and notify ABR of where you have posted if it was not your main blog/site.

Do I have to listen to zombies and Horror, those genres are not for me?
No of course not. ABR gets submissions from a variety of genres including, but not limited to:
Zombie Apocalypse
Science Fiction
Space Opera

How do you feel about us bringing books outside of those provided directly to you?
This is totally fine. However, they should be submitted via the user submitted reviews as to not confuse our readers of what was submitted to the site and what was not.

I really want to review a certain audiobook, but it is not in your queue.
If the audiobook if from a publisher that ABR works with, we might be able to get you a copy. Otherwise you can get your own copy and review it as stated above.

Will I get paid for my reviews?
Sadly no. However you will get all the free audiobooks you can listen to.