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C.T. Phipps – Brightblade

Marthese Fenech – Eight Pointed Cross

Anthony Vincent Bruno – SAS: Body Count

Nicholas Sansbury Smith – Trackers, Sons of War, Extinction Series and Hell Divers

J. Esker Miller – Terror in the Appalachia (Terror Series)

Curtis Maynard – The Rose Diary

Eileen Schnabel – One if By Land, Two if by Submarine

Michael Sandels – 2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down!

Malcolm Archibald РThe Fireraisers 

Nick Sullivan – Deep Shadow, Caribbean Dive Adventure Series

Gary Jonas – Jonathan Shade Series

AJ Eversley – Watcher Series

John Connolly – Conquest: The Chronicles of the Invaders

Jennifer Ridyard – Conquest: The Chronicles of the Invaders

Barbara Venkataraman – Jamie Quinn Mystery Series

Mark Tufo – Zombie Fallout, Demon Fallout, The Book of Riley Series

Geoffrey Saign – Sam Green and The WhipEye Great Ones Series

Rob Dircks – You’re Going to Mars¬†

Jason Davis – Spiders in the Garden

John O’Brien – Ares Virus Series

Rachel Langley – Struck Series

W.J. Lundy – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Series

TW Brown – Dead: The Ugly Beginning

Chris Chau – Patient 3 (debut audiobook)

Robert W. Ross – Sentinels of Creation Series

Armand Rosamilia – Dirty Deeds Series

Shawn Chesser – Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Series

Donald Allen Kirch – Drop Dead Gorgeous

Wilkie Martin – Inspector Hobbes, Unhuman Series

Diana Stevan – Sunflowers Under Fire

Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey – The Enigma Series