Sunflowers Under Fire by Diana Stevan

Based on her grandmother’s life and true stories, Diana Stevan intricately reveals the struggles and losses her grandmother, Lukia Mazuret endured during her life in Russia.  Lukia is a strong woman who faced and survived war, revolution, and raising eight children single-handedly after her husband Gregory left to join the service.  In a world torn by war and poverty, Lukia deals with protecting her daughters daily from the evils of men.  Until the unthinkable happens and a taboo relationship happens.

The experiences and tragedies of Lukia are performed by Diana Stevan who gives voice to her grandmother’s story in a sensitive and caring manner.  The passion and personal connection to the story are deep and provide the listener with an intense listen.  Nine hours and 25 minutes long, the time flies as the listener is swept into the world of Lukia through the careful construction of the story and the passionate telling by Ms. Stevan.

There were no issues with the production or quality of this audiobook.

Rating:  ****

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